Everything You Need to Know about Watch Chapter Ring

What is a chapter ring of a watch?

The watch chapter ring also known as dial ring is the marking on the watch dial that indicates 60 minutes marks with 60 small sticks. Here is a watch chapter ring image for you to get a clear idea.

seiko watch chapter ring

This is the New Seiko SRP777 Prospex Automatic Watch with Black Rubber Strap, also known as Seiko Turtle. You can see the ring with 60 stick marks, bold hour markers after every 4 sticks. That is a watch chapter ring.

Sometimes you may not see any marking on the chapter ring of a watch. And, sometimes it will come with number written on it. But mostly you will see stick marks on it.

seiko watch chapter ring 2

You may notice different color chapter ring which will make unique combinations and contrast on the watch.

Most of the Seiko watches have chapter rings. The new Seiko – Vintage 7S26 model comes with chrome chapter ring that stands out from others.

seiko chrome chapter ring

Some people think chapter ring can be rotated. But it’s not. There is no rotating chapter ring. You can rotate a bezel of a watch but not its chapter ring. Learn more about watch bezel here.

How to align chapter ring of a watch?

Chapter ring alignment is always annoying to some people. As we said earlier that chapter ring doesn’t rotate freely but you may see that some of the chapter rings are not aligned with the 12 markers. It may be 1 or 2 millimeters off to the left or right (known as offset chapter ring). Some people have a loose chapter ring that moves visibly a millimeter or 2 when it bumps with something. So if you are annoyed with this, now it’s time to align the chapter ring of the watch or fix it.

The chapter ring is held by the pressure of the crystal of the watch. So if your chapter ring if not aligned, it must have loosened from the crystal. You have to remove the crystal to align the mark or fix it permanently. Be careful not to leave finger prints on the inner ring or on the dial.

Are all the chapter rings have same size/dimension?  

In Seiko watches chapter ring is a part that can be removed, fixed, and changed. You can buy different types of chapter rings online. But before you buy any chapter ring, you must know the exact dimension or size of the chapter ring you have. There are different size of chapter rings with varying thickness. 

What is Rolex chapter ring?

If you are a Rolex user, or you want to know about Rolex chapter ring, you must know the differences between Seiko chapter ring and Rolex chapter ring.

rolex chapter ring

The Rolex chapter ring is often misused when actually referring to the flange or rehaut. It is also mistaken as the inner bezel ring which is surrounded by the dial between the dial and the crystal. 

The Rolex chapter ring is technically the printed, attached, or engraved ring of hour or minute markers on a dial. The key here is that it is part of the dial known as chapter dial.

  • It looks good on a watch.
  • It makes the watch look expensive.
  • It gives extra feature to the watch.
  • Difficult to fix when it is not aligned.

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