Nautica Men’s NAPTDS902 Watch Review

Nautica watches, as the name hints, are encouraged by the sea and things, well nautical. The firm is not very well known, but they declare to be Italian.

 There are many Italian watch corporations. Although less than Swiss or German trademarks, nautical-themed watches, notably diving products are very popular with watch buyers.

Some people prefer additional features in a watch; the material used shall be stainless steel, water resistance etc. Some people like a big case of the watch. Some people are fond of different colours for their Watches and their design. However, if you settle in any of those categories you can find something for yourself in the product line of this brand.

There are plenty of watch models for women as well. The women watch models do not have as many features as men watches but they are more colourful and stylish.

The best thing about buying a Nautica watch is that you will get a guarantee safer and dependable than other industrial companies.

Speaking of Nautica watches, as you already are aware, they are not expensive. Also, their build quality is undoubtedly excellent. If you are one of those watch collectors, your budget does not allow you to buy expensive luxury watches.  You can buy a Nautica watch and will still get a luxury experience. In this article, I have reviewed one of my favourite models of the Nautica watch, Nautica Men’s NAPTDS902 Watch.

Build Feature

Nautica Men’s NAPTDS902 build quality is spectacular. It has a silver-tone 45.5mm stainless steel case with mineral glass crystal, a bi-directional top ring, luminous hands that helps to watch the time in no light & indices. This watch is targeting a more economical price point than those more precious materials would require.


The movements practised in Nautica Men’s NAPTDS902 are all Japanese quartz electronic movements, sourced from Japan.  Japanese movements are both dependable and affordable, which always helps to show the accurate time.

Styling and Specialities

It comes with an adjustable blue or black 24mm silicone strap that fits up to an 8-inch wrist circumference. The blue dial of this watch is its highlight, giving it a unique and stylish look. Also, the watch is made up of stainless steel that makes it very durable. It can surely stand the experiment of time.


The guarantee offered is excellent and considerably more reliable than the other ordinary industries.  While many watch corporations offer a two-year guarantee (including such valuable creators as Rolex). Nautica watches come with a five-year guarantee.

Watch Hands

The watch hands of Nautica Men’s NAPTDS902 comes in an illuminated feature helping the person to watch the time in little or no light. So, if you are doing your favourite water activities underwater where there is no source of light, you can still be aware of the time.


The list price of the Nautica Men’s NAPTDS902 watch is $145. you can also find many discounts in different shops. They usually have sale offers.


  • It is an imported product.
  • It is water-resistant to 200m.
  • It looks great while wearing.
  • It has a 45mm stainless steel case.
  • It has a silicone strap.
  • It has a buckle closure which makes it ideal for surfing and sea adventures.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is a durable watch.
  • It is easy to read at night and day.
  • It is very comfortable to wear.
  • It is not expensive.
  • It has a large and easily readable dial.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • The cell has to be replaced every 3-year for the care and maintenance of the watch.
  • The band was too short for some customers.
  • This brand has many product lines which state that this is not a dedicated watch brand.
  • It has no date window.
  • It was extremely large for people who have small wrists.

Final Verdict

Nautica watches can be compared to different brands like Michael Kors, Guess, Daniel Willington etc.

Many watch specialists pointed out that they provide high-quality

watches in an affordable price range. Moreover many youngsters these days like stylish brands who have stylish and cool designs. Nautica watches are undoubtedly highly fashionable. So, it may be a perfect choice for them. The brand is doing its best to provide affordable modern and stylish accessories for men and women who can now easily afford them. You can add elegance to your look by simply wearing a Nautica watch, not having to worry about spending a great amount on expensive brands.

Also, a Nautica watch is not only stylish, modern and great for your looks. It is durable. It is made up to last long as it comes with a 5-year long warranty. Furthermore, if you are in search of a watch especially for water activities then Nautica Men’s NAPTDS902 is an excellent match for you.

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