Casio Vintage A168WA-1 Review and Secrets

The Casio A168WA is very retro, takes me back to my high school days when GnR was on the radio and Trump was a real estate developer. As with other great value Casio watches, this one comes in at an astonishingly low price. Although it’s not particularly fashionable, it is very functional. The classic style with its rectangular casing design is ideal for those who love these old Casio watches. The LCD digital display is easy to read and comes with an electro luminescent backlight for easier reading in dim lit conditions.

Dial & Case Design

The casing diameter is 32mm and has a 7mm thickness. This makes it a fairly small watch that’s ideal for those who dislike all these modern larger watches. It’s also great for those with smaller wrists, as it will likely fit better. The red, blue and yellow lettering on the face are a bit over the top.

The watch has a mineral crystal glass that gives you a good level of scratch resistant, as well as being fairly shatter resistant too. The display is a crisp LCD screen, which performs exactly as you would expect. The time is perfectly viewable from multiple angles and can still be read when under direct sunlight.

I liked the electro luminescence blue light, but wish it stayed on a few seconds after you let go of the button. I was pleasantly surprised that it beeped on the hour, nice touch.

Watch Movement

At the heart of the A168WA-1 is a Japanese quartz movement which is simple and cheap, has a great reputation for durability. The battery seemingly lasts forever and when it does eventually die. This is a reliable and accurate movement that requires very little maintenance to stay running for years.


The stainless-steel bracelet is great at this price point and it fastens with a clip over style clasp. This is fully adjustable and lightweight; making it surprisingly comfortable. It measures about 18mm wide going well with the casing sizes. Putting this watch on reminded me that I am a man, mostly because it yanked out a few arms hairs.

One thing is to note that the main case has a high-shine reflective coating, while the bracelet has more of a brushed finish due to material variance between the bracelet and case, the metallic brushing doesn’t quite match up.

Water Resistance

The watch does have a basic 30 meter (100 feet) water resistant rating which makes this watch suitable for everyday use. This will withstand accidental splashes/rain resistant but not suitable for swimming, showering, snorkelling and water related work.

Extra Features

This budget-priced digital LCD classic Casio timepiece include a stopwatch (a start/stop button), alarm function, day/date calendar display, and a useful backlight (a back-light button).

What we like

  • Under $20
  • Very light and comfortable
  • Durability
  • Ironic hipster vibe
  • Case size (37.5mm x 33.5mm) makes it a great unisex watch
  • Electro Luminescence (blue backlight)

What we don’t like

  • Very basic specifications
  • Varying metallic finishes
  • The bracelet feels like it’s made out of paperclips
  • May be too small for some people having big wrist

Casio A168W-1 Watch Specifications:

  • Model: A168WA-1YES
  • Dial: Grey color digital display with mineral crystal glass which is especially hardened to offer a good level of scratch resistance.
  • Case: 32 mm diameter, 7 mm thickness, rectangular resin/metal casing.
  • Movement Japanese quartz movement.
  • Strap: Silver Stainless Steel strap, standard length, 18mm width, clip over style clasp.
  • Water Resistant: Up to 30 meter (100 feet).
  • Weight: 1.8 Ounces

My Final Thoughts on This Casio Vintage A168WA-1 Review:

I liked the look with the square shape of it, from the retro design look to the illuminator button this is a classic. It brings back childhood memories of my Dad wearing the legendary Casio F-91W, one of the most popular watches in the world. Casio A168WA is essentially the metallic brother to F-91W with many similarities but with improved looks..

Given that the A168WA really doesn’t have much functionality besides telling time, the time display is pretty small. However I thought the Casio was a low frills, neutral looking watch that can certainly add to your style and could be worn with almost anything, anytime.

For the price, it’s totally worth it. If you lost it or broke it, it wouldn’t be a big deal as it’s less than $20.

After looking into the watch design, features, quality and pricing this watch received an 8.5/10 from us at Modest Watch.

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