15 Best Watches Under $50

Finding the best watches under 50 dollars with better quality is challenging and before buying another wristwatch to your growing collection you probably want to know every detail about it. Surfing over the internet for hours upon hours and also using some of them personally we have made a list of 15 best watches for men under 50 dollars. You will find some of the coolest must have watches in this list and you can pick one of them without any hesitation.

This pool consists of reliable, functional and tough watch lauded brands link Casio and Timex. If you prefer a minimalist watch with a plain brown leather strap or black stainless steel you can check out watches from Skagen, Burei, Calvin Klein or Relic by fossil. If you are looking for a heavy construction bulky watch for your bigger wrist check out the Wrist Armor, Tommy Hilfiger or classic Invicta drive watch including a smartwatch by Yamay.

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Top 15 Best Watches Under 50 dollars

1. Timex Easy Reader

The Easy Reader series from Timex is quite popular which has three editions (signature, anniversary and indigo) all come under 50 dollars. I highly recommend the Signature edition with an Adjustable black Croco patterned genuine leather strap. The Easy Reader fills a niche that most people will appreciate as they age. True to its name, the big Arabic numerals with a date window at 3 o’clock are easy to see day or night (thanks to the always-excellent Indiglo backlight). The Easy Reader should tick all the right boxes: affordable, reliable, easy to use, even easier to tell time on, and comfortable to wear. If you value the same things in a timepiece, the Easy Reader should be a happy addition to your wrist.

Timex Easy Reader

Timex Easy Reader Specification:

  • Case Measurement: 38 mm Diameter, 9 mm Thickness
  • Case Material: Brass
  • Dial: Metallic Arabic numerals with date window
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Band: 20 mm width, Leather
  • Water Resistance: 30 meter (100 feet)

Customer Review:

Barge says he loves this watch – for its price, it is a triumph! He thinks it is unobtrusive-looking and although casual, blends okay with a suit. The indiglo has worked flawlessly for him. He can read it in bed at night and the indiglo is strong enough to serve as a dim flashlight in a dark room. But he complained that he had to change the “day of the month” by hand because last month was 28 days, usually the date rolls over after 31. But changing it was easy. To read more reviews on this watch click here.

2. Timex Weekender

It’s no surprise that the Timex Weekender is a classic versatile and an effortlessly cool watch for those with a budget.

The Weekender comes in quite a few styles and sizes, but Weekender 40mm brown leather strap version with the clean face that I absolutely love. Big Arabic hour markers, with 24-hour markers on the non-chrono versions, make telling time a snap. This focus on functionality – on actual timekeeping – and not just on style is a big part of what I find attractive about the Weekender.

This watch goes with almost any kind of outfit, with an easy to replace the band and with a few added straps, you can wear it doing sport, out on the town, to work or just relaxing on vacation.

Timex Weekender

Timex Weekender Specification:

  • Case Measurement: 40 mm Diameter, 9 mm Thickness
  • Case Material: Chrome-finished brass, Stainless steel on back
  • Dial: Arabic Markings + 24 Hour Time
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Band: 20 mm width leather
  • Water Resistance: 30 meter (100 feet)

There is also a timeless chronograph version, for those who don’t like the minimalism of the plain black or white face.  It comes with three sub-dials and can measure up to 1/20th of a second but just keep in mind that this model is nearly double the price.

Customer Review:

Richard bought this watch in a pinch when his other watch’s battery ran out, and he didn’t have time to take it in for replacement for a week or so. He said, compared to the other watches that he had before, the ticking is very loud but not loud enough to be annoying, and it’s definitely audible in a quiet bedroom. Also, he got this leather strap version, but he didn’t like this strap for a couple of reasons.

First of all the strap is long and flimsy, so the excess length just hangs off limply, making the watch look a little too casual for his taste. Secondly, though the strap is thin, having it run underneath the watch still adds some extra thickness to the watch. So he ended up getting a more traditional two-piece band, and he thinks it fits better on his wrist and looks much classier now. To read more reviews on this watch click here.

3. Timex Expedition Scout

The Timex Expedition Scout collection, a field watch mostly features different options for the size of the dial and material of the strap. I will be focusing on the 36mm dial with green fabric band. I think the grey color rugged metal construction case is the best, and I liked the yellow touch on Arabic numerals with the addition of an inner circle with military time hour markings. The hour and minute luminous hands of the watch have a sword-style design, while the seconds hand is shaped like a hunting arrow which is always a different color (orange) from the first two hands, and actually stands out against the color of the background the most. Just before the 3 o’clock hour marking there is a date window on the dial which seems pretty small, and really subtle – there’s a good chance you won’t notice it if you don’t know it’s there.

The military-inspired canvas strap on my model is also quite nice, and the whole package looks very classic. It’s perfectly adequate for regular wear gift for any teenager, and a great going-away present for a sibling who’s heading to college. Also, it’s a must-have for any collector because of how insanely popular it is and it really embodies the Timex design.

Timex Expedition Scout

Timex Expedition Scout Specification:

  • Case Measurement: 36 mm Diameter, 9 mm Thickness
  • Case Material: Brass
  • Dial: Analogue black dial, Arabic numerals + 24 Hour Time
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Band: 18 mm width, Fabric
  • Water Resistance: 50 meter (165 feet)

There is another Timex Expedition Scout 40 mm version with a blue dial and brown leather strap which you may like. Both of them are the best field watches for the price but for some people this watches ticks quite loud.

Customer Review:

This review was given by an anonymous buyer. He listed out some pros and cons. He says (pros) this watch is very accurate, this mineral crystal is very clear and scratch-free despite clinking against metal surfaces regularly at his work. Dials are readable especially with the indiglo function. Also the band is comfortable, thick and durable, perfectly fits on his small wrist.

About the cons he says Indiglo does not light up the date window. Sometimes the second hand doesn’t align well with all the second markers. You can’t go backward while adjusting the date. To read more reviews on this watch click here.

4. Casio G-Shock DW5600E-1V

Whenever I hear the word “G-Shock” a bulky, heavy, metal watch automatically comes to my mind but Casio DW5600E-1V is a pretty straightforward classic looking G-Shock, which is also absurdly cheap, one of the best Casio watches under 50 dollar.

It comes with all the most basic features of a durable digital G-Shock like time, stopwatch, countdown timer, alarms and green backlight for the LCD display. On the rectangular screen, you can see the hour with minutes and seconds, the day of the week and date.

The ol’ G-Shock has been the timepiece of choice amongst military service people, police, construction workers, firefighters, and vigorous sportsperson if that isn’t you, you still need something to wear while camping or working on DIY projects, this is still an excellent choice, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on something. This is still a relatively chunky sports watch, so it won’t be one that you wear with a 3-piece suit but looks great with everyday casual wear.

So if you’re a person who likes simplicity, durability, and wouldn’t want to spend a lot, without a doubt, this Casio DW5600E-1V is for you!

Casio G-Shock DW5600E-1V

Casio G-Shock DW5600E-1V Specification:

  • Case Measurement: 45 mm Diameter, 15 mm Thickness
  • Case Material: Resin, Stainless steel on back
  • Dial: Digital-Grey, 12/24-hour format
  • Movement: Digital quartz
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Band: 26 mm width black resin strap
  • Water Resistance: 200 meters (660 feet)

Customer Review:

When Alex joined the US Army they gave him a cheap army branded watch to use. It sucked. It didn’t survive a week. Alex wrote home and weeks later got this G-Shock watch what he asked for, the same model that he saw many others in his platoon uses. He says it survived thousands of push-ups on pavement, dirt, rocks. It also survived low crawling hundreds of meters through thick Georgia brush where all the mud, sweat and moisture and bangs the army could throw at it. Now this watch is in Afghanistan with him. It’s very comfortable to keep under the cuff of his uniform. Sometimes he forgets it’s even there. He thought about swapping the band out with a nicer one but it’s really not needed, it’s durable and comfortable. He never takes it off, wear it in the shower and never had an issue. Before deploying he swam in the ocean with it and worked fine. He thinks if you need a watch that can survive any lifestyle this is the one. To read more reviews on this watch click here.

5. Timex Ironman Transit

Timex ironman series is inspired by ironman triathlon consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22-mile run in that order. Though the ironman classic 30 is the most sold watch in this series but I like the ironman transit 40 the most.

The square shape of it, from the retro design look is the undisputed top sports watch preferred by athletes for active lifestyles. This is built with strong and lightweight resin to be sealed for water resistance upto 100m, five-button design gives direct access to countdown timer, customizable alarms and stopwatch features also enable it for Indiglo light-up.

Timex Ironman Transit

Timex Ironman Transit Specification:

  • Case Measurement: 40 mm Diameter, 12 mm Thickness
  • Case Material: Resin
  • Dial: Digital Black
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Crystal: Acrylic
  • Band: 20 mm width, Resin
  • Water Resistance: 100 meter (330 feet)

Customer Review:

Santos owns three Ironman Watches. He bought this Transit model in 2019. He says this is the lightest watch among the three Ironman he owned. He chooses the black dial with grey bezel because he don’t recall Timex ever making a black digital quartz and wanted to see for himself how it handled with daily use. He found in bright sunlight it can be hard to read at certain angles but still legible. It also matches well with any color of clothing. He likes the strap because the clasp comes with the Timex logo on it. He says Ironman watches have always been designed to be worn for sports and workouts and this one fits that niche nicely too. Go for jogging, hit the gym, take a swim, it’s what it was meant for. The numbers are large and easy to read, legendary Indiglo feature is always nice to have. It has other features like a chronograph, timer, alarm, and most importantly it keeps accurate time. To read more reviews on this watch click here.

6. Skagen Jorn Minimalistic Watch

Danish watch manufacturer Skagen has kept things simplistic and stylish with the sleek timepieces and modern, playful designs.  The brown genuine leather strap is the perfect color for different tonal combinations which complements the silver hands on grey dial with hour and minute indication, makes it easy to read. It is invented to tell time but let’s face it, this watch can be valued more for its aesthetics than its activity.

Skagen Jorn Minimalistic Watch

Skagen Jorn Minimalistic Watch Specification:

  • Case Measurement: 41 mm Diameter, 7.8 mm Thickness
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dial: Analogue
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Crystal: Mineral glass
  • Band: 22 mm width, Leather
  • Water Resistance: 50 meter (165 feet)

Customer Review:

Gracia says it’s very nice watch. Size is good, not too big and not too small and it has a nice somewhat soft and comfortable leather strap. He wanted a watch that could fit comfortably under his motorcycle glove and it does the job nicely. He only had it for a few days and it seems to keep the time to the second so far. He also recommend this watch to others.

Another person says he lovse this watch because if fills to his needs. The slim profile of the watch and band is easy to slide up my sleeve and won’t set off the airport scanners. Subtle style that’s easy to read at a glance. He complained that the set-time button is so small and smooth that he could not turn it with fingers though he don’t had to set the time often. To read more reviews on this watch click here.

7. Calvin Klein Evidence Quartz

I am a big fan of rubber strap. Calvin Klein Evidence Quartz K8R111D6 is a timeless and iconic design, comes with silver dial, stainless steel circular case and black rubber strap for those that live a modern lifestyle. Add a refined finishing touch to any minimal outfit with this watch. Date position at 3 o’clock, index hour markers and luminous silver-tone hands

Calvin Klein Evidence Quartz

Calvin Klein Evidence Specification:

  • Case Measurement: 42 mm Diameter, 10 mm Thickness
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dial: Analogue
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Crystal: Mineral glass
  • Band: 20 mm width, Rubber
  • Water Resistance: 30 meter (100 feet)

Customer Review:

Jorge says this is flawless and its quality is up to the mark. To read more reviews on this watch click here.

8. Stuhrling Original 3997Z

Stuhrling watches feature a unique design while many people appreciated their modest pricing, others resent the brand for selling mock luxury timepieces at lower prices. Purchasing a Stuhrling watch means purchasing a piece of art. This stylish watch with a minimalist design fit comfortably, look good on the wrist, and will immediately start a conversation about timepieces when seen by others.

Although there is a complain about Stuhrling watches that they are bulky and heavier but this 3997Z model is not complicated with bulky construction elements and features a simple black analog display which is covered by Krysterna crystal with stainless steel case. There are 3 white hands (second and minute hands are identical and you can be confused) and a circular date display next to 3 o’clock.

You might hearing this brand name first time. Stührling Watch Company was named after a famous watchmaker Max Stührling who lived in Switzerland in the 19th century. This company was founded in 1999, New York.

Stuhrling Original 3997Z

Stuhrling Original 3997Z Specification:

  • Case Measurement: 40 mm Diameter, 7 mm Thickness
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dial: Analogue
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Crystal: Krysterna crystal
  • Band: 20 mm width, Leather
  • Water Resistance: 50 meter (165 feet)

Customer Review:

When JJ received this watch, the packaging was top notch. He felt like he bought a top of the line luxury watch, but only spent $50! This could be a fantastic gift and would thoroughly impress whoever receives this. The watch is beautiful and he had this for a week and gotten so many compliments on it. On top of that this watch is sturdy and made of very high quality materials. The black leather is very comfortable, looks great, and is griping up well. He enjoys the thinness of the watch. It’s not heavy and prone to bumping things with it (which is a frustration I have with many watches). He says this watch is not nearly as expensive as a luxury watch, but most certainly looks and feels like one! To read more reviews on this watch click here

9. Invicta 8932 Pro Diver

If you’re looking for a budget dive ideal timepiece that offers the reliability, as well as the advanced functions of an expensive model and at the same time has the elegant looks, then you cannot go wrong with the Invicta 8932 Pro Diver Watch. Diving into the deep blue sea or just into your office files, irrespective of wherever you are, this diver watch will be a great fit everywhere. Under 50 dollar you can never get than this.

It has a vintage masculine look, sturdy and durable stainless-steel casing, mineral dial and flame fusion crystal face. The date display at the 3 o’clock position on the dial also has a magnifier above helps to enlarge the date and the Tritnite luminous markings are very easy to read on the matte black dial in the dark or underwater. With the Mercedes hour hand it’s easy to guess where Invicta took their inspiration from.

Invicta 8932 Pro Diver

Invicta 8932 Pro Diver Specification:

  • Case Measurement: 37 mm Diameter, 11 mm Thickness
  • Case Material: Stainless steel
  • Dial: Analogue Black dial with date window
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Crystal: Mineral glass
  • Band: 18 mm width, Stainless steel
  • Water Resistance: 200 meter (660 feet)

Customer Review:

For Joseph this watch has exceeded all his expectations. Solid. Keeps good time. He wore it in Geneva Switzerland last week and the lady at the Rolex shop thought he was wearing something comparable. He worn this watch non-stop for three years, doing swimming (ocean and fresh water), hiking, biking, and all other outdoor adventures. This watch is solid, always kept good time and never leaked. To read more reviews on this watch click here.

10. Yamay Smart Watch 2020 Version

If you’re looking for a smart watch under 50 dollar which is compatible with your android or iPhone YAMAY 023 Smart Watch 2020 Version is the one.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you’ll love the feature that will automatically track your steps, distance travelled, calories burned and sleep quality accurately all day. It also can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen percentage. IP68 Waterproof certification indicates that you can wear it when you are washing hands or running in the rain and even wear it while swimming. With its high-performance battery you can run on one charge for almost seven days which is much longer than traditional mainstream fitness trackers.

This product is imitations of the original Apple Watch, certainly one of kind and it can do everything you would expect a smart watch is able to do.

Yamay Smart Watch 2020 Version

Yamay Smart Watch 2020 Version Specification:

  • Screen Size: 1.3 inches LCD
  • Material: Durable and solid metal outside frame. Single hole TPU band
  • Control Method: Touch Screen
  • Full Charge Time: Two hours
  • Working Time: Seven to ten days
  • Wrist Strap Sizes: 7-9.2 inches.
  • Application Name: VeryFitPro available on Google Play or the Apple Store
  • Application Requirements: Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 and above (Not for Tablet, iPad or PC, smartphones only)

Customer Review:

Michi thinks it is a fantastic smart watch. It was very easy to be paired with her phone and instructions from the app were very clear. For her, the best part is the ability of measuring blood pressure and monitoring blood oxygen level. She has been using this watch for a few days now and she wear it all the time. After wearing this, she started paying more attention to her sleeping pattern and her sleep timing has improved now. It accurately measures the step count as well. Also the battery life is very good which last for a long time on a single charge. The packaging was like a gift-wrap, which would make it a good gift. Now she is going to buy one more for her mother. To read more reviews on this watch click here.

11. Tommy Hilfiger 1710294

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s 1710294 will give you an air of elegance and a genteel appeal understanding. With the Stainless Steel round case and dark brown leather band there is a sense of classy quiet calm and confidence.

If you are going for an interview for a job and don’t want to overwhelm the interviewer or going on a first date and don’t want to come off as trying too hard, I believe this will be ‘go to’ watch for you. Classic design with date window and sub-dials you get a timepiece that speaks eloquently of past classy design glory using a modern language and sporting a modern attitude looks great in a wide range of social settings. This watch can make you look classy without burning a hole through your pocket.

Tommy Hilfiger 1710294

Tommy Hilfiger 1710294 Specification:

  • Case Measurement: 44 mm Diameter, 10 mm Thickness
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dial: Analogue
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Band: 22 mm width, Leather
  • Water Resistance: 50 meter (165 feet)

Customer Review:

Nguyen have given a review on this watch. He says the face of the watch is very “sharp” and free of clutter. All the dials are working properly and it appears to be keeping time accurately. The strap is a dark, almost brown-black leather. This watch is comfortable to wear, but time will tell if the leather will hold out or not. It is definitely a nice watch to wear with formal dress up and good to wear with slightly better than casual wear. To read more reviews on this watch click here.

12. Relic Jeffery Quartz by Fossil

Relic, a sub-brand watch that is part of a lifestyle brand brought to you by Fossil. The first thing you will notice about this Jeffery Quartz is its simple and refined look. There is nothing outlandish or lavish, just a neat, elegant -looking dress watch that is very versatile with your wardrobe. It is also available in two different color choices at a very reasonable price.

A mineral crystal face and Silver tone plated metal case make sure your new watch has enough protection to keep the delicate mechanics safe. You get a three-hand display for very accurate timekeeping and a very lightweight and comfortable leather strap to tie it all together. If you are looking for a budget-end dress watch the Relic Jeffery collection is worth viewing.

Relic Jeffery Quartz by Fossil

Relic Jeffery Quartz by Fossil Specification:

  • Case Measurement: 40 mm Diameter, 8 mm Thickness
  • Case Material: Metal
  • Dial: Analogue blue dial with silver tone stick indexes
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Band: 20 mm width, Brown Leather
  • Water Resistance: 30 meter (100 feet)

Customer Review:

An anonymous buyer says this watch is dainty. The straps are not a sealed type of leather, so be aware of touching it if your hands have any kind of grease or oil on them. He thinks this watch looks like it’s made for a woman’s wrist but the case would be too big for a woman’s wrist. He don’t recommend this if someone has bigger wrist, it’s cheap and dainty and will surely break at some point. He religiously bought fossil watches but didn’t know what fossil was thinking with this one. To read more reviews on this watch click here.

13. BUREI Minimalist Watch

Burei minimalist watch is an ideal companion for any occasion. This watch is a piece of art wearable at official events, on the tennis court or in the country club.

A Nordic classic design slim watch perfect dressing for any clothing: day outfit or in the evening dress. Round dark grey brass analog minimal display, date at the 3 o’clock with high-quality Japanese quartz movement makes precise timekeeping and it is easy to read time. It is also easy to set the time & date. Classic stylish design, simple lines draw the outline of a unique texture, which will enable you to easily spice up a normal outfit and add elegant style to your life.

BUREI Minimalist Watch

BUREI Minimalist Watch Specification:

  • Case Measurement: 41 mm Diameter, 6 mm Thickness
  • Case Material: Black Stainless Steel
  • Dial: Analogue Grey dial with date window
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Crystal: Acrylic
  • Band: 20 mm width, Black Stainless Steel
  • Water Resistance: 30 meter (100 feet)

Customer Review:

Hall is a watch enthusiast, he didn’t knew what to expect from this watch or the Burei Company, as he was unfamiliar with it. But for less than $30, it was not much of a concern. Finally, he was definitely pleasantly surprised and very happy that he took the chance on this watch! It was made well, the face and hour markers were crisp and clear, and the hands were align very well. It’s simply a polished product. The movement is made by Miyota which is the Citizen Movement Company. He also own a Citizen quartz watch so he compared both watches and said Citizen and Burei have a fit and finish that is very similar. However, the Citizen is hundreds of dollars more than the Burei. He strongly believe that anyone who orders this watch will be highly satisfied. To read more reviews on this watch click here.

14. Casio Ana-Digi AQ-S810W Solar Watch

It looks nice and chunky like other G-Shock which is a sports watch resistant to shock, water pressure, dust and extreme temperatures. The dial is very simple and easy to read at a glance. There is no second hand which is a big deal for me, I Love observing fast moving hand. The hour and minute hands could be a bit longer though, but since the hour markers sticking out into the dial it was probably not possible. The LCD seems small but I can still read it at arm’s length which is good enough for me.

This solar-powered watch has been specifically developed to appeal to outdoorsy people, those who go on big adventures and those who travel a lot, so you never have to worry about recharging it. As it gets its energy from the sun, the grey plastic covering the solar panels underneath has a nice pattern on it looking a bit like wire mesh.

Casio has long stood for quality and value for their timepiece and this is a shining example of sticking to that promise.

Casio Ana-Digi AQ-S810W Solar Watch

Casio Ana-Digi AQ-S810W Solar Watch Specification:

  • Case Measurement: 46 mm Diameter, 12 mm Thickness
  • Case Material: Resin, Stainless Steel on back
  • Dial: Analogue-Digital
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Band: 28 mm width, Black resin
  • Water Resistance: 100 meter (330 feet)

Customer Review:

Nic has purchased this watch six months ago and he is still very pleased. He have worn it everyday, in the shower or swimming and no condensation or fogging of the lens has occurred. If it gets dirty he washed it with soap and water. The band has held up to a lot of abuse and physical labour on it but no damage has shown whatsoever. The crystal however now has a couple small scratches on it but are hard to see. The battery in it has remained at full power, no issues till now. He strongly recommend this watch. To read more reviews on this watch click here.

15. U.S. Army F2/1007 C23 by Wrist Armor

U.S. Army F2/1007C23 by Wrist Armor is kind of sports watch with both analog and digital multifunction display. If you have a bigger wrist and you are not a big fan of minimal watch design, this watch could be a good choice for you.

This stylish dual-time chronograph watch offers functions including chime/alarm/snooze, stopwatch, 12 or 24 hour selectable format, calendar, 1/100 second chronograph with split functions, EL backlight and features a sheeny black dial with the U.S. Army emblem, sharp silver tone markers, a yellow second hand and other hands with luminous accents. A black silicon strap with silver detailing adds style and comfort to this unique timepiece.

A part of every Wrist Armor sale is donated back to the U.S. Military in honor of those brave men and women fighting for their freedoms.

US Army F2-1007 C23 by Wrist Armor

U.S. Army F2/1007C23 Specification:

  • Case Measurement: 51 mm Diameter, 15 mm Thickness
  • Case Material: Metal
  • Dial: Analogue + Digital
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Crystal: Mineral
  • Band: 27 mm width, Silicon made
  • Water Resistance: 50 meter (165 feet)

Customer Review:

Lynn bought this watch for a close friend, who is a US Navy Veteran. When he received the watch he was a bit envious that he would be giving his friend this watch and not himself. He said it came with the battery inside the watch and it was fully operational right out of package. But he had to set the time and the other gauges as well. It also come in a beautiful package which was perfect for a gift! To read more reviews on this watch click here.

Quick Video of 15 Best Watches Under 50 Dollars

Watch Buying Guide

There are thousands of watch models and hundreds on watch brands that are selling watches under 50 dollar. But if you are looking for high quality watches you will notice that there are quite a few to choose from. We have focused on quality brands only and skipped low-quality brands that won’t live up to their promises nor your expectations! Before buying any watch you must consider some following things.


The movement is the engine of the watch that makes the clock move forward. It can be either mechanical or quartz. This internal mechanism moves the hands and powers other function like day, date and timer. Mechanical movements doesn’t need any battery but Quartz does. So if you are going for a Quartz movement make sure it has higher longibity and easy replacement procedure.


Choosing a right case for your watch is important as it determines watch shape and protects its elements from normal wear and tear.


Different people have different choices. Some prefer leather strap, some stainless steel bracelet some recommend NATO straps. What you should look for is your chosen watch has variety of strap option or the straps are easy to replace with popular straps available on market.

Purpose of Your Watch

Knowing what your plan is and when to wear this watch makes a lot easier to pick one that will work for you. We have pick six watches from the 15 watches above for different purpose of use.

  1. Dress Watch: Relic Jeffery Quartz by Fossil
  2. Sports Watch: Casio G-Shock DW5600E-1V
  3. Dive Watch: Invicta 8932 Pro Diver
  4. Field Watch: Timex Expedition Scout
  5. Fashion Watch: Tommy Hilfiger 1710294
  6. Smart Watch: Yamay Smart Watch 2020 Version
Best Watches Under 50 Infographic

We hope you have found the watch that you are looking for. A watch is something that never goes out of fashion and many prefer to have more than one watch so that there is something to wear with every outfit.

If you can increase your budget and opt for even better quality then we would recommend watching these posts – Best watches under 100 dollar and if you are lucky enough with some special discount you can get some of these watches under 50 dollar.

FAQ on Best Watches Under 50 Dollars

1. How long a watch will last which is under $50?

It depends on the quality of the watch. A Casio G-Shock may last more than 5 years. If you buy a watch with leather strap, the case may work for 3 or 4 years but you have to change the strap after 2 years. Watch with a NATO strap can last longer, more than 3 years. Some watch needs a battery replacement after 2 years.

2. Should I buy a watch under $50?

Definitely. There are lots of watches out there and we have shown you our selected 15 best watches under 50 dollars. These watches are of good quality and each will last more than 3 years or more. Still if you can increase your budget go for any watch under $100. We have selected 16 best watches under $100 for you.  

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